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London based jazz bands



Claude Alexander Jazz Bands

–– Music for Any Occasion ––

Elegant, Lively, Classic-modern Jazz


* You can choose the band’s size and instruments *

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Led by pianist Claude Alexander, Jazz Atmosphere® and other bands bearing his name are London-based jazz groups whose configuration, performance and repertoire can be tailored to meet the requirements of any formal or informal event (e.g. see the range of references).  While their specialty is elegant, lively, classic-modern jazz, other types of music and performers are available too.


The jazz repertoire consists of the enduring standards of the Tin Pan Alley, Swing, Bebop and Post-Bebop eras (i.e. the 1920s through 1960s), familiar Latin-jazz tunes, film classics, and even Christmas season tunes and other traditional standards.  For private functions, if given some notice, we are happy also to play particular requests and culture-specific songs.


Recent gigs have included "concert jazz" at various London venues, as well as for celebrations of the Queen's Jubilee and the 150th anniversary of the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (see their reference), "dinner jazz" (background music) at the Landmark Hotel, the Lansdowne Club and the official opening of the Princess Diana Garden at Capel Manor (see this reference) and "residencies" (on going gigs) at Loch Fyne Restaurant (Loughton) and The Fox Club, Mayfair.  Of course we also do numerous private functions.


Whether for a residency (on-going gig) or a one-off performance, the band draws on its repertoire in such a way as to produce an atmosphere appropriate for the occasion and that conforms to our client's wishes.  This can include requests for specific songs – even culturally traditional ones – to meet the needs of particular occasions, such as a Christmas or Hanukkah party, New Year's Eve celebration, birthday party, private dinner, barmitzvah, batmitzvah, simcha, civil union partnership event or wedding reception or ceremony, small business or corporate function, showcase event, or a listening or dance concert.


Our clients are welcome also to configure the band with their choice of instruments and number of musicians (as soloist, duet, trio, quartet, quintet etc) and we are gladly available to assist in these decisions with recommended options to fit the occasion and budget.  The band's "tone of voice" also can be set by the client, and this can range from a gentle background ambience, typically essential for a personal or business event, to an intense presence, as for a sit-down, listening concert.  Generally and typically, a sort of fun, sensitive elegance is created (whereas usually a string trio or quartet, for example, creates elegance, but with a more formal tone).


While the chosen ensemble will likely be comprised of jazz musicians based around London, we will happily travel to perform anywhere in the home counties of southeast, southwest or midlands Britain.  In any case, for any performance, every effort is made to ensure that it meets the highest standard, and we will look forward very much to serving and playing for you.


For more detailed information, please visit the other pages on this site (Detailed Info, Music Samples, References, Repertoire and Hire Policies).


020 8530-0710 / contact@jazzatmosphere.co.uk

Claude Alexander, Pianist and Manager

Please call (rather than email) to discuss the specific requirements and options you have in mind for the music element of your event.  Phoning is likely to be much more helpful to you (and time-efficient) than just emailing with a request for information and/or a quote.




If you are seeking a jazz band for...


...a party, dinner or celebration in or near London or the home counties,

...a wedding, civil union or partnership in or near London or the home counties,

...a business function or corporate event in or near London or the home counties,

...a simcha, barmitzvah or batmitzvah in or near London or the home counties,

...a listening or dance concert in or near London or the home counties,


...in other words, for...

...any occasion, to be held anywhere in the southeast, southwest or midlands Britain


...then you have come to the right place!




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