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Hire Policies


Personnel Changes

In the absence of an agreement naming specific personnel, Jazz Atmosphere Music® reserves the right to choose the musicians for a performance who are in addition to, or substitute for, Claude Alexander.  However, these may change, e.g. in the event of illness.  For unnamed personnel, this will be done without notice and with every effort made to not change any agreed instrumentation.  If personnel have been specifically named in the agreement and they or Claude Alexander cannot perform, or if a change in any agreed instrumentation cannot be avoided, consultation with the client will be entered into as soon as possible.  If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached so that the client chooses to cancel Jazz Atmosphere’s performance, the client will not incur the Cancellation Fee (see below).


Performance Length Changes

The length of a performance is calculated by rounding to the nearest half hour.  Our playing time can be shortened from the agreed length, and if we are given notice at least 48 hours before the event, the total price may be reduced by half of the original charge for the subtracted time.  Without that prior notice, the original agreed amount would be due.  Our playing time can also be lengthened – providing the musicians have no other commitments – with notification coming either before or at the time of the event.  This will be counted in half hour increments and be charged at a mutually agreed amount.  Preferably, it will be paid on the day of the performance; otherwise, it is due within four weeks.


Fee for Cancellation or Ensemble Reduction

A fee of 50% of the total price may be charged if the client cancels a performance with less notice than 21 days or half the days remaining between the booking and performance dates, whichever is less.  If, within this time frame after terms and a performance have been agreed, the size of the band is reduced, 75% of the fee for each excluded musician will be due.


Fee for Extraordinary Travel

For engagements that require travel time of or above one hour, e.g. that occur beyond the M25, an additional fee may be charged.  This will be discussed during the negotiation of the total price for the performance.


Fee for Organising a Non-jazz or Piano-less Ensemble

At least 50% of a single musician’s fee for the entire performance


Fee for Charity Performance

A reduced or free rate is negotiable for charity entertainment.


Fees for Single-day Piano Rental, Tuning or Repair

Rental:  Upright: £125 to £175 + VAT     Grand: £200 to £400 + VAT

Rental price includes moving and an in-store tuning sourced through a reputable piano dealer.  The amount depends on travel distance, stairs and for a grand piano, its size.  These are ground floor prices – add about £25 per floor absent a lift.  Every effort will be made to secure the least expensive charge for a good quality piano.

No additional charge is added to the dealer price, nor do I receive a commission.

Tuning:  £50 (regular tuning)     £100 (double tuning, required if grossly out of tune)

Repair / Regulation:  £25 per hour

The tuning and repair rates are those charged by Claude Alexander.  Another technician’s rates may differ.


Fees for Single-day PA (Public Address) System Rental

£250 for minimum basic system – including sound engineer

£600 for high quality sound distribution system – including sound engineer

No additional charge or commission is added.

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