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N10 2BU

Mr Claude Alexander

Jazz Atmosphere

31 Malmesbury Road


E3 2EB


12 July 2005


Dear Claude,


Louise and I feel we simply have to write to you to thank you and your colleagues in Jazz Atmosphere for the role you played in making Jack’s barmitzvah party such a success.


We turned this booking into a somewhat unusual one for you by asking whether you’d be prepared to have Jack and a number of other youngsters play in with Jazz Atmosphere for a short set during the evening, but even that in failed to deflect your cool, relaxed professionalism, and the fine musicianship of your band.


Delightful, eclectic selection of pieces comfortably set up precisely the ‘jazz café’ mood we were looking for.  There was tremendous work on sax, bass and horn all night long from your gal and guys, and great playing, along with your reassuring leadership and courteous agreement to all our requests on the night.


Please feel free to show this letter to any prospective clients who might be thinking of booking Jazz Atmosphere for a similar event in the future.  We couldn’t have been more delighted.


Grateful thanks again, and our warmest regards,

Laurence Blume




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