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An email...



Subject: Thanks...

Date: 5 July 2003


Dear Claude,


I just wanted to send you a big thank-you for playing at my [garden] party last weekend.  I am receiving letters/e-mails from people particularly complimenting your music.  You delivered exactly what I wanted, which was top quality playing of really nice music, but not overpowering enough to prevent my guests from enjoying their conversations.  My main regret was that I wasn’t able to listen as much as I wanted to.  The penalty of being the hostess of course!


I was also grateful for your advice as to where you were sited.  Blocking the patio throughway would have been a mistake…


Did you want me to return your CD, or shall I use it to become your unofficial publicist?  Anytime you find yourself in this part of the world, do look us up.


With Best Regards,

Caroline [Grundy]

[Whitstable, Kent]



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