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Detailed Information


Jazz Atmosphere® is a collective name under which various music groups perform and for which Claude Alexander is the pianist and manager.  The jazz groups specialise in the elegant, classic-modern genre of the music that can be designed for any type of occasion, to provide either a formal or informal ambience.  This can range from a gentle background that might be essential for a private business or personal event to the intense presence required for a sit-down listening concert.


In addition to jazz, other types of music and bands can be provided, including but not limited to a harpist, string ensemble, pop band or DJ.  Furthermore, since we take requests, special needs can be met in our performance, including traditional folk tunes, such as to provide for special cultural celebrations.


The jazz repertoire consists of the enduring tunes of the 1920s through ‘60s, many by the recognised master composers of jazz, such as Cole Porter, the Gershwins and A. C. Jobim (the foremost Latin jazz composer, who came to prominence with Stan Getz in the 1960s).  When suitable, tunes from the progressive Bebop and Post-bop eras of the 1940s, ‘50s and ‘60s may also be used.  Typically, appropriate recorded music is provided during the interval between sets.


Although the CD sampled on this site features a jazz trio and quintet, the number and types of instrumentalist to hire is up to you.  Of course however, I am happy to assist with suggestions that account for the circumstances of your event.  While the most requested trio ensemble is piano, double–bass and sax, and for a quintet, usually drums and flugelhorn (mellow trumpet, as on the CD) are added, please do not take these conventions as a limit to your options.  Besides a wider choice of instruments, larger and smaller configurations are also possible, including a solo instrumentalist on, for example, piano, guitar or vibes.


To accommodate this flexibility, our fee is based on the number of musicians contracted, the duration of our engagement and sometimes, travel distance.  The price per musician for one-off, private entertainment normally ranges from £40 to £65 per hour, while informal, public and charity performances typically are less expensive.


If a pianist is desired but no piano is available, a portable keyboard will be used.  Alternatively, I would happily arrange for the rental of an upright or grand piano at no extra charge above the dealer’s fee.  If the venue does provide a piano and it needs tuning or other attention, I can do the job, as I have worked for years as a professional tuner–technician.  Alternatively, you may use your own technician or ask for a referral.


For any performance, every effort is made to ensure it meets the highest standard.  First-class references from a variety of commissions are available and the CD is free as a demo.  These can be viewed / heard elsewhere on this website, as well as video clips of recent performances.


Thank you for your interest.  I and my band–mates would look forward very much to being of service and playing for you.


Claude Alexander

Pianist and Manager of Jazz Atmosphere


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