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CD Samples here — Music Videos below


While the CD cannot demonstrate our entire variety of repertoire and instrumentation, the mix of ensembles does show a range.  This is described in some detail in the liner notes if you chose to receive the CD.  Possibly, you may feel that some tracks stray from the mood or repertoire you have in mind for your event.  If this is the case, please note that the tone of our performance and orientation in our repertoire are also at your discretion (in addition to the size and instrumentation of the band).


To hear a clip, click on the title.

(The instrumentation for each track is given beneath the title.)

Small Group

1. Triste (A. C. Jobim)

          Trio of Piano, Bass and Drums

2. Till There Was You (M. Wilson)


3. Body and Soul (J. Green)


Large Group

4. Footprints (W. Shorter)

          Trio plus Tenor Sax & Harmon Muted Trumpet

5. I Thought About You (J. Van Heusen & J. Mercer)

          Trio plus Tenor Sax & Flugelhorn

6. Corcovado (A. C. Jobim)

          Trio plus Flute & Flugelhorn

7. Sippin' at Bells (M. Davis)

          Trio plus Tenor Sax & Flugelhorn

8. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

          Trio plus Tenor Sax & Flugelhorn (H. Martin & R. Blane)

 CD / Clip Times

 3:35 / 1:45  [1.0 MB]


 3:05 / 2:05  [1.3 MB]


 3:57 / 2:05  [1.3 MB]



 8:43 / 4:20  [2.5 MB]


 5:30 / 1:40  [1.0 MB]


 5:27 / 3:00  [2.0 MB]


 3:45 / 2:00  [1.3 MB]


 5:53 / 2:20  [1.5 MB]







Music Videos


This newest section of the website features video clips of relatively recent performances.  Enjoy!


These samples show a performance at a recent Labour Party dinner event.  Doing our bit!


Raymond Hardy Tenor SaxophoneCasper Hoedemaekers Double-bass

Claude Alexander Keyboard




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